Take the worry out of your trip with insurance protection

covid coverage

Coverage for any emergency and also in case of COVID-19

direct payment

The insured does not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

Six Months

Coverage for up to 180 days, with the option to extend.

Enjoy your travel

Acquire your Travel Insurance in Mexico safely, easily and quickly! Covers all medical expenses of your trip.


Your Travel. Our World. We protect more than 26 million people in 185 countries with a service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Emergency Medical Assistance for accident or medical emergency 350,000 USD Plan for clients visiting 3 months or more.

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Emergency Medical Assistance for accident or medical emergency 115,000 USD. Plan for clients visiting under 3 months.

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Emergency Medical Assistance for accident or medical emergency 115,000 USD. Plan for clients visiting under a month.

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          John Duchkar Yucatan Beach and City Properties
          John Duchkar Yucatan Beach and City Property

          Pati along with her staff have proven to be the most professional group I have worked with in my 6 years living in Mexico. They take care of all your medical needs: medical appointments, medical translation for doctor visits, transportation, private insurance. When I need medical assistance it is just a phone call away.

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            1. Verify that all the information on your voucher and SegurViaje card are correct. Check especially the telephones indicated as contact in case of emergency, as well as the effective dates and the product purchased. If there are errors in the data, contact us. 2. Put the identification tags in your luggage as in case of loss it will facilitate the recovery. 3. Read carefully the instructions and General Conditions of the SegurViaje Services and verify that the voucher and the credential card indicate the characteristics of the SegurViaje product purchased by you.

            The services will be provided only to the cardholder and are non-transferable to third parties. To receive the assistance services included here, the Holder must show the valid voucher or card and the personal documentation that proves their identity and the travel dates when requested.

            1. As soon as you find that your luggage is missing, go to the airline counter or to the person responsible for it within the same area where the luggage arrives. 2. Obtain and complete the P.I.R. (Property Irregularity Report), which must be provided by the airline. 3. Before leaving the airport, call an Assistance Operator in order to notify the loss of your luggage. 4. Inform an Assistance operator of your local (temporary) address and your next itinerary. 5. Check the General Conditions of SegurViaje Services for the conditions applicable to baggage insurance included at no additional cost in some SegurViaje products.

            Requests for cancellation of SegurViaje cards can be made until the day of departure. Charges may apply.

            This services do not constitute medical insurance, nor an extension or substitute for social security or prepaid medicine programs. The services and benefits of SegurViaje are exclusively aimed at assisting sudden and unforeseeable events in travel that prevent the normal continuation of the same and cover up to the limits that correspond according to the type contracted and that are reported in attached tables, those that are considered known and accepted in their entirety by the owner from the contracting of the services.

            Once a plan has been purchased, can the difference be paid if another is required? Requests for modifications of SegurViajes cards can be made until the day of departure.

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